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Changsha night temperature "silent" stalls welcome guests

People’s Network Changsha August 20th (Li Fangson Intern Li Shao) The Changsha of the Early Autumn, the sun is still roasting. In the evening, the citizens have embarked on the streets and catching short and cool. The sky neon in Wanbohui attracted a large number of people to stop here.

The Starlight Night Market is just under this neon, which is also the origin of its name. In "Starlight" "starting point", it is the fixed booth of Sun Emperor, looking for eye-catching and conspicuous. After ten years of Changsha, she can use their own mind to reduce the burden on her husband for the first time.

Due to deaf, Sun Emperor does not work properly. The husband’s early days, so that she felt the pressure of life.

Panda hairpins, butterfly hair circles, there are also a variety of earrings.

These are small ornaments made at home at home, but they did not expect that they became a "big popular" in the night city. For ten days in the night market, the husband will always accompany Sun Emperor to the booth, although there is not much income, but this can be said to be Sun Emperor’s "first barrel gold".

People come from night markets, but the smile is always filled with the face, making Sun Emperor’s booth. Small books in your hands, "Thank you for your purchase, welcome to visit", "I don’t know how many Zhang sent out.

Unlike the night market, it is hidden in the sand pond alley between the two major business districts between Kad, Dongtang.

In this small alley in this less than two hundred meters, thirty or forty nights, ribs, ribs, and grasp the sweetness of the money claws, keep the old Changsha’s "raw smell".

More than ten years ago, Liu Xingtao as the first "goldfold", in which the alleys have opened their own first store – Liu Ji dry pot.

In 17 years, with the growth of Night Jing Street, the original facade has been doubled today.

Seeing this street became prosperous, Liu Xing Tao’s store also became a small mood.

"Our taste has not changed in 17 years, and even the dishes are both exactly the same.

"Liu Xingtao introduced that at least two batches to eat at least two batches at night, respectively, at night and ten o’clock.

The lamp of the starlight of the star market is clear, so that the original long daytime will continue to extend at night; the people are full of sand, let the daytime, in the stars. (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Li Wei).

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