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China @ 四 川 | You can eat "High Plaen Red"

  Xinhua News Agency, October 23, II: "High Plaen Red" can be eaten, the Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Xiaong, Kang Jinqian, Tong Fang said "Highland Red", people may think of the high-altitude of the masses. However, in Qingde Town, Sichuan Township, Sichuan Town, Sichuan City, the southeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, more than 10,000 acres of orchard, is full of branches, colorful "Red Fuji" Apple, is the most lovely "plateau" of this beautiful pastoral town. Red". When the reporter came to Qingde Town, this orchard in the blue sky and white clouds, the snow mountain reflected this orchard, and the entered pull car, the picking workers who laughed, and the tourists were tasting. . The solar insectica lamp dotted in the fruit forest, the yellow sticky panel shows the "green" of the fruit, picking a flaming apple bites a bit, and the feeling is sweet and delicious.

A dinestry said carefully, surprises: "This apple has also wrapped a layer of white frost, it is no wonder that it is far from seeing it bright!" This town is about 10 kilometers from the county county county county in Sichuan, once Water, the villagers can only plant green, corn in the ground, leading to unmanned ridiculous mountains.

In order to solve this difficult problem, Xiangcheng County implements the water conservancy project of agricultural industrial demonstration zone in Qingde Town, investing nearly 30 million yuan to install the water pipeline, and introduce high-quality mountain water into the orchard to carry drip irrigation.

  The 52-year-old fruit farmer Zhou Jun said: "After the cream fell, the weather is getting cold, and Apple is still hung in the branches." He walked into the north when he was young, but he chose to go back to his hometown in 2014. Zhou Jun told reporters that Qingdezhen is about 3100 meters, temperature, day and night temperature difference, humidity conditions, etc. are very suitable for apple planting. Now the state has introduced various measures to encourage rural residence, and the apple plantation is available. But just starting business will not be smooth.

Zhou Jun did not think that the flooding hare fooked the apple tree seedlings with sweet food, and finally he found 16 dogs, raising the rabbit in the orchard, only stopped "rabbit".

Later, he asked the agricultural experts to guide planting technology, and the apple crisp dry in the processing park supported by the government, introduced the e-commerce team to solve sales issues. "The Frost Festival is busy", in Apple Distribution Area, Peng Juo, nearby Wooden Village, is separated by the apple. This young guy is eye, the hand is fast, and when the apple is sorted, it seems to press the "fast forward button". Peng Tsuen took the pendant to the industry this year, and the insects came to the industrial garden, earning 100 yuan a day. Liu Chengzhong, deputy director of the Farming and Husbandry and Strong Science and Technology Bureau, said that hundreds of people nearby came to workers when the orchard was busy.

This cream is only part of the local plateau characteristic fruit industry, and the entire industrial park covers an area of ??more than 25,000 mu.

  When the reporter interviewed, I met a Zhejiang who came to find out. He was very optimistic about the broad development prospects of the township apple: "Liquor is also diligent! I want to help the township apple to do brand building and organic certification, walk organic products the road.

"Video reporter: 冰 洁 [Editor: Jiang Yan].

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