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Cangzhou 8 housing provident fund business realizes "crossing province"

Original title: Cangzhou 8 housing provident fund business realizes "crossing provinces" to solve the company and the masses "multi-race" "Review" issues "Cross-province" in this year, Zhangzhou City Handling the housing provident fund business in different places, "more running" problems, vigorously promotes the housing provident fund service "cross-provincial unite", through the complementation of the job, the regional interconnection, information interoperability "three bridges", eight years in advance The "cross-provincial unite" has been handled through the "two-way" approach to 35 different places. This is the reporter learned from the series of press conferences in the "I’m doing a practical thing" in Cangzhou City. Construct a "post complementary" bridge, smooth business operation mechanism.

Zhangzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Center sets three types of posts such as "cross-provincial" service window, regulatory platform contact, policy support, "cross-provincial" service "business, and policy support, and establish a set of" front desk acceptance "by clear position responsibilities. – Regulatory platform contact – the "cross-provincial unite" business operation mechanism for the pre-regulatory platform feedback ", the division of labor is clear, responsible to people, ensuring efficient and orderly business operations.

Build a "geographical interconnection" bridge, close the center distance.

Strengthen coordination with other provinces and municipal provident fund centers, actively promote the establishment of "cross-provincial uniteral" linkage mechanisms with other centers.

Highlight the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Office, the cross-center business of each center of Beijing, Tianjin and the center of each center in Hebei Province.

First, issue the relevant position to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei "cross-provincial" business contact address book, which is convenient for service window and the connection between the Beijing-Tianjin Center.

Second, the service window personnel are required to study policies and processes in the "cross-provincial uniteral" matters in Beijing, Tianjin-Hebei, in order to be able to do one-time information about employees who handle cross-center business, and do not have errors. Build a "information interoperability" bridge to break the data exchange barrier. Strengthen departmental information sharing, through advancing with market supervision, public security, civil affairs, computing, real estate registration and real estate transaction information sharing, to achieve housing provident fund query, housing provident fund loan advance repayment, unit and personal information change, and 10 extraction services online manage. Broadening the business handling channels, through the continuous upgrade of housing provident fund business system, improve the integrated service platform construction, take the initiative to the service port on the service port, the Alipay Citizen Center, Mobile Bank, Bank Smart Cabiners, etc., greatly broaden the online business handling channels.

Since this year, all online channels have a total of 31,472 extraction services, accounting for 47% of the total amount of extraction business; 4,969 units have opened online to pay the housing provident fund business, accounting for 74% of the total number of deposits. At present, six of the city’s "cross-provincial" eight issues realize the full network, including personal housing provident fund deposit loans and other information, normal retirement to extract housing provident fund, housing provident fund unit and personal payment information change, The housing provident fund unit registration account opening, the opening of the housing provident fund personal housing loan is also clearly proof and advances in advance.

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