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Starlight Agricultural Machinery Equity Transfer Change: Zhao Xia’s controlling shareholding becomes a shareholder, the company is inquired

Starlight Agricultural Machinery Equity Transfer Change: Zhao Xia’s controlling shareholding becomes a shareholder, the company is inquired
On the evening of March 6th, Starlight Agricultural Machinery announced that the transfer of company’s control rights is welcoming variables, and the transferee Zhao Xia no longer seeks control of listed companies, and turns to participate in and complete transactions with important partners. The company’s original shareholders and actual controllers do notSubject to change.According to the announcement of the listed company, on March 6, the company’s controlling shareholder Huzhou Xinjiayuan Investment Management Co., Ltd., the actual controller Zhang Shenqiang, Qian Juhua and Zhao Xia, Heilongjiang Kunlun Huicheng Investment Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Kunlun Huicheng”,Together with Zhao Xia, the “Zhao Xia Party”) reached the “Share Transfer Agreement”. Both parties have always agreed to terminate the control acquisition of the agreement, and the conflicting “Framework Agreement” and supplementary agreement. Zhao Xia party no longer seeks a listed companyControl.However, Zhao Xia continued to buy shares in Starlight Agricultural Machinery.According to the latest agreement between the two parties, the total amount of sincerity payment and advance payment paid by the two parties in accordance with Kunlun will be sought2.The 300 million transferee listed company has 14.95 million shares, accounting for 5% of the company’s total share capital.75%.After the issuance change, Xinjiayuan is still the company’s largest shareholder, Xinjiayuan and Zhang Shenqiang, and Qian Juhua still holds the company in total54.With 38% of the shares, Zhang Shenqiang is still the actual controller.The above equity transfer matters will be traced back to last year.On June 6, 2019, Zhang Shenqiang, the actual controller of Xingguang Agricultural Machinery, Qian Juhua and Zhao Xia signed the “Share Transfer Framework Agreement”, and planned to transfer the shares of the company held by them and Xinjiayuan Investment.77%, at the same time give up the exercise of the voting rights of 10% of the company’s shares held by the company. This matter may lead to changes in the company’s control, and the total transfer price is about 14.8.9 billion yuan.The reason why Xingguang Agricultural Machinery was transferred was that the reason was that the actual controller of Xingguang Agricultural Machinery, Zhang Shenqiang, could not survive a large number of listed companies because of his poor physical condition.The announcement of the termination of the change of shareholder rights led to another reason: “Zhao Xia’s side has changed due to changes in the market environment, especially the current industrial environment and financing environment,” but there is no specific reason.This change also attracted the attention of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.Soon after the above announcement was issued, the Shanghai Stock Exchange sent a letter for inquiries, requesting Xingguang Agricultural Machinery to explain the specific reasons for the major changes in the transaction plan by both parties to the allocation and transfer.In addition, the Shanghai Stock Exchange also questioned that Zhao Xiayi paid 80 million yuan in sincerity to the listed company through Kunlun Huicheng, and then paid RMB 1 in advance for distribution transfer.500 million US dollars, whether the two budgets are “real stock debt”, borrowed in the name of equity transfer funds.According to public information, Xingguang Agricultural Machinery is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of combine harvesters, knockers, tractors and cotton pickers. It was later listed in April 2015.The company’s official 2019 performance announcement shows that in the reported performance, Starlight Agricultural Machinery is expected to realize a net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 12 million to 18 million, turning losses into profit.Sauna, Ye Wang Peng Shuo Li Yunqi Edited by Yue Caizhou Proofreading Liu Baoqing

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