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The counterattack from high school to NBA has achieved what is now Graham

The counterattack from high school to NBA has achieved what is now Graham
Graham’s entire basketball career has staged a counterattack.Image / Osports “In the process of growing up, I was never the best type of player in the United States, nor was it the top card in the college team.”Dwight Graham, who became the Hornets’ No. 1 sophomore in the second grade, makes no secret that he is not talented,” I am the smallest player on the team. I have to work hard and make all kinds of details to get a chance.”In high school, Graham attended Broughton Middle School, but before entering college, he had to go to Brewster College for another year due to a letter of intent.There, he and the current Jazz star Mitchell became teammates, two high school students who only wanted to enter college to play, and now both have become NBA league stars.Talking about Graham’s growth experience, Mitchell, who became the first to enter the NBA a year ago, said, “Graham can succeed, I don’t think at all.His entire basketball career has been counterattacked. This was the case at Brewster College, it was the same at college, and it was the same at the NBA.”Before the 2018 draft, Graham had been playing at the University of Kansas. After four years on the school team, he gradually became the core of the team’s absolute backcourt from a bench.In the last season of college, Graham became the player of the year in his league, led his team to win the championship of his league, and broke into the NCAA Final Four, which knocked on the door of the NBA.”We have to wait for opportunities, be patient, and constantly sharpen ourselves.”These experiences have influenced the way I play now, giving me a clear understanding of myself.”It seems that for Graham, the rookie season’s decentralized development league, there are very few opportunities to play, are all necessary trials, and can not and really do not affect his determination and confidence to transform.

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