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Four months after the full-time CFO vacancy, Xiaomi appointed Wang Xiang as the acting CFO

Four months after the full-time CFO vacancy, Xiaomi appointed Wang Xiang as the acting CFO
On April 13, Xiaomi Group announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that from April 10, 2020, Wang Xiang will be appointed as the company’s acting chief financial officer (CFO) until the chief financial officer selection committee determines that it is appropriate to serve as the chief financial officer.Candidates.Zhou Shouzi officially resigned as chief financial officer, but will continue to serve as the company’s executive director, senior vice president and president of the international department.Wang Xiang (Source: Xiaomi’s official website).In the announcement, Xiaomi thanked Zhou Shouzi for “a gradual and huge contribution to the company during his tenure as chief financial officer.”On November 29, 2019, Lei Jun, the founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, announced the appointment of a new executive in an internal letter.The original CFO Zhou was funded as the president of the international department, the board of directors set up a special team to hire a new CFO, and Zhou Chong will continue to serve as the CFO until the new CFO arrives.However, four months have passed since the appointment was announced, and Xiaomi has not yet found the next official CFO candidate.Xiaomi said that after going public, Xiaomi began to upgrade its organization and promote the rotation of cadres.This appointment of the organization reflects Xiaomi Group’s high regard for international business and its determination to promote the rotation of the organization.At the same time, the board of directors of Xiaomi Group will continue to select outstanding talents as CFOs worldwide.Xiaomi’s announcement shows that Wang Xiang, who is acting as CFO, is 58 years old. He is currently appointed to continue to serve as the group’s president, responsible for the group’s corporate responsibility and assisting the CEO Lei Jun to be responsible for business operations.Wang Xiang joined Xiaomi Group in July 2015 as senior vice president, responsible for the group ‘s international business, legal department, intellectual property strategy and expanding working relationships with the main partners of the group.Wang Xiang has more than 30 years of experience in the semiconductor and communications industry. He held various positions at Qualcomm from July 2002 to June 2015, including global senior vice president and president of Greater China, overseeing Qualcomm’s business and management in Greater China.Qualcomm Semiconductor Division in China.In addition, Wang Xiang has served as a number of global leading companies (including Motorola, Lucent Technologies and AgereSystemsInc.) Important positions in sales and marketing.During Zhou’s tenure as CFO, Xiaomi became the first Hong Kong stock listed company with the same rights but different rights. In November last year, Zhou received the rotation of the International Department as President of the International Department.During Wang Xiang ‘s tenure in the International Department, he transformed Xiaomi into more than 90 countries and markets around the world. Currently, overseas market revenue accounts for 46% of total revenue.8%.In November last year, Wang Xiang was promoted to president of Xiaomi Group.Sauna, Ye Wang promised to edit Chen Li proofreading Li Ming

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