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Zhangjiadao scallops top Li Jiaqi’s daily limit for three consecutive days

Zhangjiadao scallops “top” Li Jiaqi’s daily limit for three consecutive days
The merger of financial fraud, a large proportion of scallops died, and net assets have shrunk significantly. Shareholders demanded the removal of the chairman and other whirlwinds of Zhangzi Island, and recently went out of the three-stranded momentum, which puzzled many investors.According to observations, the timing of the “rising” of the three-connected board coincides with the release of the “lip lipstick one brother” news on the official Weibo of Zhangzi Island. This may be another example of the influence of the Internet celebrity economy on market sentiment.On March 10th and 11th, the listed company Zhangzidao Group Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Zhangzidao 002069) gradually continued its daily limit and ended the noon market closed on March 12. Zhangzidao once again reached its daily limit, rising 10.03%, reported 3.51 yuan / share.In the past three trading days, Zhangzidao has been from 2.64 yuan / share rose to 3.51 yuan / share, a gradual increase of 32.95%, with a total market value of 18.77 trillion to 24.9.6 billion yuan.而在第一个涨停日3月10日,獐子岛在其官方微博第一次点名“口红一哥”,其表示:“女神专场直播中,‘口红一哥’只来得及说4句话:The original flavor is a bit fresh, the garlic flavor is super delicious, and my spicy flavor is my favorite.That, the spicy garlic fragrance disappeared, and then all robbed . less than 50,000 copies of scallop scallop casual snacks were sold in less than 1 minute.”Afterwards, the sauna and Yewang opened Taobao’s Li Jiaqi live broadcast room. On March 8th, Li Jiaqi did bring the product in his live broadcast, and the product was provided by Liangpin Shop.”The live broadcast is the last live broadcast of Li Jiaqi’s “March 8 Women’s Day”. Its introduction stated that this live broadcast has 30 product spikes, more snacks, and several beauty and perfumes.In the live broadcast, Li Jiaqi said: “This is delicious, I prefer their spicy flavor and garlic flavor . only more than 50,000 bags, all the goods that the good shop gives us .” The whole process is less than 1Minutes, Li Jiaqi said it was sold out.Li Jiaqi made a preview before the live broadcast began.Zidao officially landed on the small and medium-sized board for listing and trading in September 2006, and its main business is seafood scallops such as scallops, sea cucumbers and abalone.Straight flush shows that Zhangzidao’s participation had reached its highest price since listing on November 10, 201034.59 yuan / share (formerly reinstated). At that time, the total market value reached 24.6 billion US dollars, but then a nine-year decline channel was opened.Temporary changes in the sub-island.Picture / Flushing screenshots In the past 5 years, large-scale anomalies in the scallop inventory of Zhangzi Island occurred frequently. Except for the large-scale deaths of scallops revealed in November, similar incidents occurred in 2014 and 2017.Sub-island also recorded large amounts of recovery.8.9 billion yuan and 7.2.3 billion.Before the first large-scale abnormality of scallops in October 2014, the total market value of Zhangzi Island was still above 10 billion, and its merger closed at 16 on October 8, the first trading day in October 2014.35 yuan / share, the total market value is about 11.6 billion yuan.However, as of the afternoon of March 12 this year, the total market value of Zhangzi Island is only 24.9.6 billion yuan.The number of investors in Zhangzi Island also dropped significantly from 75,179 at the end of 2014 to 50,446 at the end of 2015, and then further fell below 50,000.At the end of the third quarter of last year, Zhangzidao had 43,934 investors, and majority shareholder Changhai County Zhangzidao Investment Development Center held shares.76%, 100% controlled by the People’s Government of Zhangzidao Town, Changhai County.The “Administrative Recognition and Market Prohibition Prior Recognition” issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission has become an important point in Zhangzi Island in the past year.On July 10 last year, after more than 500 days of investigation, the CSRC notified the results of the investigation of Zhangzidao. The “Administrative Litigation and Market Taboo Introduction” issued by it showed that Zhangzidao and related personnel were suspected of financial fraud and suspectedFalse statements, suspected failure to disclose information in time, etc., the CSRC plans to take administrative intervention and market ban measures in accordance with the law.Among them, Wu Hougang, Liang Jun, Gou Rong and Sun Fujun had serious violations. The CSRC proposed to decide to adopt lifelong market ban measures against Wu Hougang, 10-year securities market ban measures against Liang Jun, and Gou Rong and Sun Fujun, respectively.Measures to ban the securities market in 2016.Since then, Zhangzi Island has successively planned to sell attributable assets, and in November last year, a large-scale anomaly of scallop inventory occurred again, resulting in an estimated reduction of nearly $ 400 million in 2019.In fact, there is also a contradiction within Zhangzidao Company. The director of the second shareholder, Beijing Jirong Yuantong Asset Management Co., Ltd.-Hedao No. 1 Securities Investment Fund (hereinafter referred to as “Hedao No. 1”), had previouslyThe board of directors said that Zhangzidao Group has been operating abnormally in recent years, and the company’s management has been chaotic. In the past year, its own major management decisions have had a “paternalistic” style. It has not fully discussed with the board of directors and shareholders to reach an agreementThe opinion is decided, so the current consensus loses the trust of shareholders.At the first temporary general meeting of shareholders in Zhangzidao on February 3 this year, Zhu Yuanjian, the legal representative and general manager of Beijing Jirong Yuantong, the fund manager of Hedao One, demanded the removal of Wu Hogang, chairman of Zhangzidao,It also requested that the major shareholders and the second shareholders immediately reorganize the board of directors. With regard to the existing shareholders who have lost their trust in shareholders and small and medium investors, they will no longer be appointed, and Wu Hogang, chairman of Zhangzidao, will replace the spot response.Can the celebrity economy bring Zhangzi Island out of conflict?Or is it just a hint of warmth in early spring?”Reporting that Zidao’s net assets have shrunk by more than 92% and shareholder representatives weighed in on the company’s management chaos” Sauna, Ye Wangxin reporter contact email: xiaowei @ xjbnewscom

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