June 18

Hehe,This guy learns pretty fast。

Chapter nine hundred and twelfth Back to Shura City
With this big guy,For the current Xia Chenglong is definitely a very powerful helper。
“You eat this,Although it has no way to improve your strength,But it can completely transform you into a human form,And avoid the animal spirit。”
“Huaxing Dan!”
This is a rare baby,He also got it in Medicine Ghost Valley before,But I have never had the opportunity to use,Stayed,Just remembered now。
If you put it on the market,The price of this pill is no less than a prefecture-level advanced martial art。
“Thank you host!”
Azure Ape Python, this is no nonsense,Swallow it directly,Then after a burst of glow,Big guys over two meters in front appeared in front of them。
Although the height and everything are taller than normal warriors,Be stronger,But it is always within the range of human acceptance,Some martial artists who cultivate in the main body can also reach this level。
The two are extremely fast,There is this big guy,Other spirit beasts around did not dare to appear,So their time is almost compressed to a third。
After the sky green ape python landed heavily,Standing in the woods,Looking at the smoke ahead。
“who,Dare to be so bold,Break into the hinterland of Shura City。”
A voice came from the dead woods in front of me,Then hundreds of Shura Deadpool appeared from the ground,Make a hoarse voice。

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