July 11

And what is Yunxiang thinking about now,Gao Yu can’t tell。

This matter is replaced by his father’s inability to do well, right?The company is not too small now,And I was stared at every move。
In this situation,If the company’s reputation is bad because of a small profit,This is not a good thing。
But now the company is always spending,No income,This is also an urgent need to bring those fields into management。
This is a contradiction。That is to compete for time with people around。
Yun Xiang understands Qin Feng’s way of writing,Because Qin Feng always wanted to thank those people。
But after being grateful,Some things must be faced with reality,That’s when the kindness is almost repaid。
So many things,Qin Feng didn’t care,If it continues like this,That’s obviously a bit stupid。
Gao Yu knows that Qin Feng has always been a particular person,Since Qin Feng feels like he has given it almost,You don’t need to think about it。
Just now this time,Gao Yu really doesn’t know,What’s going on here。
Thought of here,Gao Yu said with a serious face:“Is there anything else in this matter??Those guys are probably watching?”
Now we are in a hurry,Not that they are in a hurry,And they’re all betting that we can’t afford it,Is this the case??
“Yes,We all can’t delay,Because under normal circumstances,Those projects can be done in at least five months,And many local measures are already being laid。”
If it continues like this,There is also a serious matter to deal with,That’s whether we should deal with those parts of them?
Because many things are together,That’s why Yunxiang has a headache,Those places are not handled properly,Now there is such a situation,He doesn’t know how to dispel those guys’ ambitions。
“Can’t we use any threats??”Gao Yu asked somewhat blankly,He really asked from the heart。

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