September 8

“Hahahaha!Secretary Luo is angry with me。Manager Yang!Since Secretary Luo has such a big determination,You can rest assured to let her go blog。If you still don’t worry,You can send her an assistant with basic work experience”

Xia Jian said,Take a peek at Yang Ying’s expression。
Yang Ying smiled and said:“I will consider this,But you have to take care of these things in front of you。Staff transfer is a science,If you are a little careless,Unnecessary trouble。So I am here to remind you”
“Good manager Yang,I know,If there is something you don’t understand,I will ask others for advice”
Luo Xiaoyi said,Take a peek at Xia Jian。Xia Jian felt that he had finished speaking,Can’t say more。So he tried not to talk about work,Only talk about irrelevant topics。
Aside from work,It’s easier for everyone to chat。A table of dishes,Everyone was very happy。Three people one wine white wine,Actually it’s almost done after drinking。
This meal is over after ten o’clock,Yang Ying wants to invite Xia Jian to have tea in her villa,It just so happened that Dragon Ball’s call came in。Xia Jian found an excuse to slip away quickly。Although Yang Ying is a bit unhappy,But Xia Jian’s expression is particularly rich when answering the phone。Yang Ying can’t stop him from leaving,After all, he is in a hurry。
Xia Jianyi Hotel,So he hurried to the hotel across the road。Unexpectedly, Dragon Ball and Lin Wei were waiting for him in the lobby on the first floor。
“Why are you here?”
Xia Jian smiled and asked softly。
Dragon Ball glanced at Xia Jian,A little embarrassed to say:“We live here too。Actually after I called you,We returned the hotel。living together,Easier to work”
“Oh!OK!Then go upstairs!Have you two eaten dinner yet。If not eaten,You hurry up and eat!I contacted Mr. Yang when I got off the plane,She invited me to dinner。When you call,We just finished eating”
Xia Jian was talking,Walked towards the elevator。
Dragon Ball glanced at Lin Wei and said:“Mr. Xia still has a lot of face,We made several calls,People don’t see us at all,Let alone what to eat。Mr. Yang’s score is really big,Sometimes she doesn’t even give Xiao Xiao the face”
Xia Jian did not speak,I opened the elevator and walked in,Dragon Ball and Lin Wei hurriedly chased in from behind。
Sit down in the room,Lin Wei was busy making tea for everyone,Xia Jian lay on the sofa and said:“Yang Ying has agreed to be the first to settle in,Their machinery and equipment will arrive in Bucheon within two weeks。Complete the installation within two weeks,Strive to start production in a month”
“That’s great!As soon as they settled,It’s easy to talk about other companies”
Dragon Ball yelled happily。

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