September 27

“All flashes,This case stronger case is intended.。”

“Chief,who are you?”
The head of the head is stunned.,Jurisdiction,Even,I can’t get it in Cao Dahua.。
“Even the Tiger Cao Dahua, the Tiger, I have never heard of it.,I dare to take my nephew away.”
“Dad,do not do that,I have greeted Huang Ya.,It’s fine。”
Liao Jie is speechless,Cao Dada’s work style,As a parties, he is very touched,But from the perspective of the bystander,His parties are a murderer。
so,Cao Dada is purely good to do bad things,Stripe and dirty water。
“no,Ager,I don’t know about the bendings in this.,Uncle will suffer。”
Cao Dada reached out:“Especially your young young,They will take the phone and mat in your chest,Then use a hammer”
Hold a counterattack for the first policeman,What is messy,So many people look,Do you do not say hello??
Cao Dada also realized that he was talking alone.,Twice,Pull the policeman whisper。
After a moment,The two smiles,A smoke,The pat shoulder became a good brother.。
“Ager,I asked.,Yellow over thereSirIs your acquaintance,In this case,I will not be embarrassed.,Remember to call me after coming out。”Cao Dawa big hands,With the younger brother with a heavy case。
“Feel sorry,My uncle is a little rushing。”
Liao Lee,Sitting on the police car,Aiming at the bar outside the eye window,Suddenly it is a glimpse。
No words,Bar neon signboard,Written two words,Because there is no light during the day,He didn’t notice when he entered it.。
“No wonder the boss is so beautiful”
Young woman,That is, the beautiful boss of Liao Jiekou,Face, let’s sit on another car,Unfair,Look at the situation,She can’t come in today.。
West Kowloon Police Department。
Liao Jie around a left and right two police officers,Not long after entering the door,I met the old acquaintance in my face.。
Wu Luozhen!
“what,Ager,What kind of wind blows you?”
Wu Luo is bright,Before two steps:“I am calling you.,Tian Weiqiang’s case has been knotted,Your bonus is also approved.。”
Who is Tian Weiqiang??
Liao Ji Si035second,Who is he?,Have money to take。
“Bonus is not a hurry,I am involved in the case,Waiting for me to get rid of the suspect again.!”
“what’s the situation,Some people planted you?”
Wu Luo Wei,Sight sweeping,Fixed on a white dream,Vision,Look down,There is a problem in a look。
“Be unable to plant,Just happen to me at the scene,I will understand the corrugation.。”
Liao Jie explained a sentence,The bodies of the red woman have been cool for a month.,Don’t say professional,Waiting a little bit of experienced police officers can see。
“rest assured,Here one is one,Two is two,Will not let you lose。”
Wu Luo nodded,Go to Dream,Said to the police officers around her:“Prisoner handed me,I will personally interrogate her.。”
“OK,Wu team leader。”x2
I have become a prisoner so soon.,The next step is not the direct conviction.?
Two hours later,Liao Jie recorded,I saw the Huang Police in the office.,The latter frowning a few files。

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