October 19

Fuluju smirk,Two hands and one of Liao Wenjie flew,Fats on the body,Visit people。

Liao Wenjie slowed down,Pointing the volts attached to the wall,Shakehead:“Cure,Waiting for death,Hopeless。”
“No bar,Do you want to be so embarrassed?。”
Li Xiuyuan hurriedly,Put down the low-energy younger brother on the wall,Complain:“Jiege,I know that he is not saved.,Just ask,But you can’t get this heavy hand,What if I get a brain??”
Liao Wenjie said ruthlessly:“With his current IQ,It’s okay to be a good thing to get a good thing.。”
Li Xiuyuan nodded,And what did you think of?,Puzzle:“Jiege,You are proficient in medical skills,Dare to ask about the poisonous medicine is not poisonous,Still more poisonous?”
“You don’t know if you buy a pack.。”
Liao Wenjie smiled,Take a small porcelain bottle from the arms:“look,I have the latest developed‘Laughing and half-step epilepsy’,Killer is invisible,You buy home for a year and a half,After the expiration, take it again,I know the answer when I arrive.。”
It is very unreliable to sound。
Li Xiuyuan shook his head again,Before Liao Wenjie gave it, it is good.,Li Maochun couple,Changes in color,At first glance, you are still young.。
“Rumor,This brain is not so good to uncle,Where did you pick it??”
“Can he not uncle?,Just born yesterday,Just hostess my family,Say you may not believe,At the time, the situation was like this.……”
“It sounds like a monster。”
Liao Wenjie picks eyebrows,Folding fan,Expose‘Heartman’Two words:“Rumor,This unknown monster dare to pay,What do you think of your mother??”
“Good heart!”
The two are talking about,Suddenly, the street is no longer,Far away, I saw a group of people who were crushing with a sedan.。
Accurately is a stretcher,Bed changing,Pink Rob,Sitting in the clothes, a semi-solved, the first brand small jade。
Underwornest,A man is lying on a big character,Mouth spit white,Faceless,A lot of。
“what,Is that people not Huang Dafu?!”
“It really is,He has a famous wife,I didn’t expect to have a courage to go to Yixiangyuan.,It is also dead.。”
“A famous world in one fell swoop,But this kind of fame is not!”
“maybe,Peony flower is dying to do ghosts,Riding a small jade of Yixiangyuan,Blowing and singing,Crafts are very powerful。”
“How are you so clear?,You tried?”
“Big brother,I am talking about the rhythm.,what are you saying?”
“I said it is also a message.,What do you say??”
“Jiege,What situation there?”Li Xiuyuan probe。
Liao Wenjie explained a sentence,See Li Xiuyuan is not very understanding,Small channel:“It’s suddenly hanging when you have a house.,Due to a variety of deaths,As for this……It should be a self-incomprehensibility challenge,It may also take a helpful drug。”
“Then you still don’t save people.!”
“Cure,People cool,Hopeless。”

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