November 4

She asked。

“Dad let them go back.。”
Lu Haocheng lightly pulled the daughter’s little hand,Looking at her eyes bright,It’s just a pale paper.,He is even more distressed。
“Kiki,Are you nothing??”
Han Yuxuan asked。
Blue Qiqi listened to Han Yuxuan’s voice,Also shocked,She is migraine,Looking at Han Yuxuan lying on the bed,“Han Yuxuan,How are you here??”
Han Yuxuan smiled,“I accidentally fell.。”
His tender tone is faint in touch。
Blue Qiqi:“you are stupid,How to wrestle??”
Han Yuxuan smiled sorry,“I will be careful next time.。”
“Um!I am going home,I wish you a speedy recovery。”
Blue Qiqi slowly sat up,Looking at Han Yuxuan’s mother called a sound“Aunt”Later,Lu Haozheng left her。
Go on the car,Lu Haocheng received a call from Lin Ye。
“Hey!How to use it for so long??”
Lu Hao’s voice is not happy。
Lin Shuoxia:“Continental,Excuse me,It took a little time,They went to the hotel.,The two slept in a room for two hours.,Already surpassed the bottom line,The video has been taken.,It is Xu Jinghe, Gu An’an Company.。”
Lu Haozheng:“Save the video down,Useful。”
Lin Ye:“Continental,Has been saved。”
Lu Haocheng hangs the phone,I looked back at a daughter sitting quietly.,Why do he always feel that this daughter is not normal??
“Kiki,What else is uncomfortable?,You must tell Dad,It’s sad in my heart.,If you are not happy, you have to talk to Dad.,Ok??”
Blue Qiqi glanced at her,Suddenly smashed out:“I want to kill the woman.,Hoot”Lu Haocheng listened to this,I finally vented it.。
He also loosened,This little girl,and also。
One gas is always in my heart,It’s hard to be her.,Intid it for so long.。
Lu Hao Cheng quickly unwound the seat belt,Open the door to the back seat。
He hugged his daughter in his arms,Gently pat her back。
“Kiki,never mind,never mind,Dad will deal with。”
Lu Hao Chengming is full of heartache。
“do not want,I have to kill her.,This woman is not a person,How can she say that this is like this?,She is she wants to kill her mother.,Before she killed my mother,I want to kill her first.。”
Blue Qi is excited to struggle。
Gu Anan’s words,Let her fear。
Nothing is not afraid,I am afraid to lose my mother.。

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