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[Who should n’t drink black rice tea]_ taboo _ taboo

[Who should n’t drink black rice tea]_ taboo _ taboo

Black rice tea has been loved by many people in China after engaging in China from Japan.

Because it has a delicate texture, without the bitterness of green tea, but retains the fragrance of green tea, the color is clear and transparent, and it looks very pleasing.

Especially black rice tea has the functions of beauty and beauty, weight loss, etc., and is welcomed by many female friends.

But there are certain taboos to drink black rice tea. Let’s take a look at who should not drink black rice tea.

1. Some people cannot eat black rice tea. Black rice tea is a hot tea, so regular continuous tea drinking may cause the body to get angry.

Ordinary people can still afford it. If people with strong livers stay in black rice tea, they may aggravate symptoms and cause more damage to the body.

Therefore, people who are easy to get angry should not bear black rice tea.

2. Applicable people of black rice tea can be attended by everyone, especially suitable for the following people: 2.

1. Ideal drink for people with high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia; 2.

2, has a unique stomach warming function, even people with poor stomachs can feel at ease connected;

3. Appropriate amino acids and vitamins have the effect of beauty and slimming, especially suitable for women.

3. Consumption of black rice tea The effect of black rice tea is very rich, and the replacement of black rice tea is very small. It can be said that there is no replacement. Black rice tea can be replaced for a long time.

4. Edible processing method of black rice tea Put the black rice tea purchased directly into the cup, cover it with boiling water or cold water for 15 minutes, and it can be used at any time.

Keep a minimum of 8 cups a day, which can be brewed repeatedly.

After 2–3 weeks, it will slowly simmer in the fragrance of black rice tea.

Brown rice tea is divided into granular brown rice tea and broken brown tea.

Granulated brown rice tea is a complete blend of granulated brown rice and Japanese Sencha tea, which can be brewed and consumed directly.

The broken brown rice tea is replaced by the broken tea of broken brown rice and Japanese green tea, which is not suitable for direct brewing. It needs to be made into a teabag before it can be replaced.

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